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Clearwater Granite is a family owned, family run business, headquartered in the beautiful valley of Helena, MT. Named after the pristine headwaters of the Clearwater river in Montana, we aim to provide a clear, refreshing experience for those who are looking to upgrade their homes or businesses. 


What started as a small operation cutting granite out of a garage grew to be a business that supplies the finest granite, marble, and quartz products in Montana. Because we aren't a large corporation, each experience with Clearwater Granite is personalized. We know that upgrading kitchens and homes is more than just adding value to a resale price--it's about adding value to every day lives. We believe the places where we spend the most time with families should be functional as well as beautiful without breaking the bank.


That's why every project we take on, we treat as if it were our own home. Each space is custom templated by a trained specialist and then cut with state-of-the-art machinery--a Northwood Fabcenter 138, the only machine in Montana--to 1/100th of an inch. At Clearwater Granite, we believe that in addition to making homes beautiful, we can support our community by training young people in a trade they can turn into a career. That's why our installation is done by our locally hired, locally trained team who is held to the highest standard of professionalism. 

Every purchase from Clearwater Granite helps support a family, a community, and a growing business. If upgrading your home with granite is something you're looking to do, consider hiring Clearwater Granite--we'll treat you like family. 

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